History of the Mount San Salvatore Broadcasting Station

The Mount San Salvatore Broadcasting Centre, owned by Swisscom Broadcast SA, is the most important and largest broadcasting centre and catchment area of our Canton. The station was built in 1957, initially to broadcast a Swiss Television programme. Numerous now are the telecommunication services present at the summit; SSR SRG Idée Suisse radio and TV programmes, private radio broadcastings, fixed and mobile telephone services, emergency radio services.


November 29th: inauguration of the first radio television station. This was for the TV broadcasting of the partial programme in Italian language and a frequency modulation radiobroadcasting service on ultra-short waves to broadcast the 2° RSI programme.


October 7th: a second FM radio broadcasting station was set up to broadcast the 1° RSI programme. On November 28th the broadcasting of the national RAI programme in the areas between Campione and Porlezza began.


The Federal Council instructed the PTT Company to immediately set up a certain number of installations to broadcast the 2° TV programme in mountain regions. The construction of a temporary pavilion (in fact the 1957 building had become too small) was immediately started; at the same time, the 60 meter antenna pylon was replaced by an 85 metre one, to allow the installation of new antennas. On June 20th the new installations were put into service. At the same time, even the RAI relay for the 2° programme was installed in the same building; simultaneously, the design of a new building, which, besides the above-mentioned stations was also to house the 3° TV programme, electrical power supply systems, emergency power units, battery accumulators etc. to allow the station to work safely and, as much as possible, independently from external factors like the sudden loss of electrical power


Midway through 1972 work started for the building of the new Broadcasting Centre. The work was accomplished according to foreseen plans, keeping all the existing programmes in service and safeguarding all the natural beauties of this enchanting region as much as possible. Its imposing structure of about 7600 m3 is divided into 2 stories; its flat roof acts as a terrace for tourists.


The new structure was inaugurated.


Thus ever since June 16th, the Sottoceneri area has had a new and important telecommunication infrastructure; from Mount San Salvatore the following programmes are simultaneously and integrally broadcast: the three national Swiss TV programmes, the two RSI radio programmes on ultra-short waves and the two RAI TV programmes Moreover, it also has a vital function in radio-television broadcasting; for example it represents an important access point to the primary network of the mobile radio link with the San Salvatore and from there, via the radio link centre of Mount Generoso, to the TV studios, from which programmes are directed on the public broadcasting networks.


In the course of 2003, work began for the creation of the new digital TV (DVB-T) broadcasting service for 4 programmes (TSI1, TSI2, TSR1, SF1).


In the course of 2006, work began for the creation of the new digital Radio broadcasting service, first with DAB, later with DAB +.

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