“You need to have been up there in person, if you want to get an idea of its greatness and magnificence, and then that moment will become one of the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences in your whole life.”
C. C. Lorenz Hirschfeld.

Beautiful scenery can be truly moving, stirring deep-seated emotions and feelings of unity and oneness. From the top of Mount San Salvatore, the views are especially impressive and magnificent, extending 360 degrees.

Capodoro Terrace

In addition to the existing lookouts, the visitor has access to an exclusive terrace near the Restaurant Vetta that turns like a “crown jewel” to the south.

It is a renovated panoramic viewpoint, spectacular, well-kept, safe and always accessible, which also thanks to information boards with geographical satellite maps acts as a meeting point for visitors.

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A moment to relax and rest, at just stone’s throw from the frenetic pace of the city