How to arrive

The funicular is located five hundred meters from the (E-35/A 2) Lugano-Sud motorway exit and 5 minutes from the Paradiso railway station and the bus stations ‘Paradiso, Stazione/Scuole’ and ‘Paradiso, Geretta’.

From Lugano station:
Bus no. 2 to ‘Paradiso, Geretta’
Bus no. 431/434 to ‘Paradiso, Stazione/Scuole’

From Lugano center:
Bus no. 1 to ‘Paradiso, Stazione/Scuole’

Timetable bus

Contact information

Funicolare Monte San Salvatore SA
Via delle scuole 7 / CP 442
CH-6902 Lugano-Paradiso

Tel.: +41 91 985 28 28
Fax: +41 91 985 28 29


Parking available for Fr. 6.- in front of the departure station of the Funicular San Salvatore.
Electric car charging station available.
Parking space for coaches available on request (reservation obligatory).
Motorhomes and caravans are not allowed to park.

The facilities are built to welcome also physically challenged persons (wheelchair max 90x80cm/200kg)

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