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Tourism poster exhibition

History of the San Salvatore Funicular

From the dawning of the project in 1870 to our day and age

After several editions dedicated to different themes such as Ticinese Tourist Posters (2008), Swiss cableways (2010), Switzerland, the Land of Water (2012) and Edelweiss (2015), this fifth edition of the poster exhibition on top of Mount San Salvatore is centred on the significant story of the San Salvatore Funicular.

Since 2008, the Funicular San Salvatore Company has offered a permanent exhibition on its summit. The exhibit unwinds along the path that easily leads the visitor to the mountain top from the funicular’s arrival station.
The impact of the images of the posters, which have been placed out in the open to one side of the path, becomes part of the natural environment and the magnificent panorama which can be enjoyed from the top of the mountain, a wonderful terrace sweeping across the Lugano area.

The subject of this open air exhibition, accessible to everyone, introduces, by means of a series of modular panels alternated with fascinating vintage posters, the historical developments of a vision that allowed determined pioneers to implement the ambitious project of the construction of the San Salvatore Funicular, the oldest tourist lift in Ticino. This work was very much connected to town development and it was made possible by the skills of several great forerunners, who thanks to their far-sightedness and courage, permitted the construction of a funicular on this “Swiss Sugarloaf Mountain”. From its very first day of operation, the funicular has carried 18 million passengers up what is considered Lugano’s mountain par excellence. From the very beginning, the funicular became a real asset for city tourism and for the whole region. Thanks to the fact that it is very renowned at the national and international level, the San Salvatore is, historically, one of the most appreciated destinations of the whole region.

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