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From the mountain top, you can descend down along the hiking trail that leads to Ciona (Carona) or to Pazzallo and Paradiso. It winds its way through an unspoiled and regenerating landscape with several lookout points offering magnificent panoramic views. More experienced and braver mountain climbers, with the right equipment, will be tempted to climb the exclusive “via ferrata”.

List trailsDuration
Paradiso – Pazzallo – San Salvatoreca. 2 h
San Salvatore – Ciona – Caronaca. 1 h
San Salvatore – Carona – Morcoteca. 2 h 45 min
San Salvatore – Carona – Melideca. 1 h 35 min
San Salvatore – Ciona – Carabbiaca. 50 min
San Salvatore – Carona – Figinoca. 2 h


Take the path that leads from behind the train station at Paradiso (282 MAMSL) to Pazzallo (448 MAMSL), cutting through the woods and then, at Morchino, climb the steps that run parallel with the funicular railway until you come to the intermediate station, in Pazzallo.

To proceed towards the summit of the mountain (912 MAMSL), follow the path through the woodland area that flanks Mount San Salvatore, coming out near the museum.

Walking through unspoilt, invigorating countryside, you can take in the splendid scenery from several vantage points. The area is enhanced by practical, brightly coloured benches and new, highly educational summary charts.

The seven brightly coloured vantage points are each identified by a different colour, making them extremely easy to locate on the map.

From the summit, you can descend the panoramic footpath that leads to Ciona, admiring the local flora along the way on this stretch of path, which is particularly rocky over the initial section.

The route proceeds across level terrain, through the cool shade of the wood, then follows a brief stretch of asphalt road leading to Carona, well known for its San Grato botanical gardens, just a few minutes from the centre of town.

If you wish to carry on to Morcote, the trail continues along a wide, flat, shaded path which crosses Mount Arbòstora before reaching Alpe Vicania; from here, you descend the steps close to the traditional lakeside village.

From Carona, you can also choose to follow the dirt track through the woodland area, which is approximately a 1 hour and 20 minute trek to Melide, where you can visit the Swissminiatur Park.

You can return to Paradiso by PostBus, boat or train.

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Monte San Salvatore not only offers stunning panoramic views, but also numberless trails for hikers.