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San Salvatore 4×4

The 4 seasons / the 4 points of the compass
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Resembling an off-roader which can adjust to any type of terrain, San Salvatore has the features of an all-wheel drive vehicle. It adapts to any user (be they young, older or sporty, hikers or Sunday day-trippers) and offers a thrilling experience in every season.

I was asked by the Funicular Management to set up an exhibition in the gallery space at the Vetta San Salvatore restaurant; I was told that the theme was going to be the mountain itself, Lugano’s quintessential symbol throughout the seasons. My mind immediately envisaged the plethora of images depicted on postcards, posters, tourist leaflets and on the various websites. What could I invent which was new?

What is special about my work is that each photo has been shot twice: once as our left eye would see it and once as our right eye would see it. Subsequently, when the images are viewed with devices allowing our eyes to only see, with the corresponding eye, the left and right hand views, our brain processes the signals, allowing us to see a 3-D image.

And this is where the magic of stereoscopy lies. Invented around the same time as photography, during the first half of the 19th century, it enables us to selectively view two images of the same scene, shot at a distance of 6-8 centimetres from each other.

For over a year I traipsed around the mountain, from the lakeshore up to the higher ground and the surrounding villages, looking for viewpoints and favourable light and hoping that my detailed planning would pay off. There were of course unforeseen events caused by the weather which in our region can often catch one unawares. The selection of the photos in the exhibition comes from a series of over 500 shots.

In order to obtain good depth of field, I always had to include something in the foreground:

the leafy branches of a tree, a low wall, the corner of a house etc. When this was not possible, the distance between the right-hand shot and the left-hand shot had to be greater than 6 – 8 cm, which is the distance between our left and right eye.

Photographic project by Stefano Crivelli

The three-dimensionality of the photos, which cannot be appreciated in this exhibition, can be fully enjoyed through the use of a special viewer and the stickers available in the sales points (cash desk or funicular office in Paradiso) or by making a request to:


The exhibition has been organised by the San Salvatore Funicular Society with the support of

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San Salvatore 4x4
San Salvatore 4x4
San Salvatore 4x4
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San Salvatore 4x4
San Salvatore 4x4


An adventure for the whole family.