The joyful fountains of Ticino

Here and there, ceaselessly flowing, water is never still! When we near a spring, the exhilarating sensation of continuous motion makes us feel alive. Our soul rejoices, for the presence of water fills us with joy.

Fresh water soothes and comforts us and quenches our thirst. We associate the gesture of drinking water with the succour it gives us. And so springs never cease to amaze us. Their wonderful, everlasting gift assumes the colour of the sky and the transparency of the seasons. Travelling throughout Ticino, great is the pleasure to be had from approaching these springs.

A hundred places and a hundred shapes elicit a poetic, artistic vision. We become mindful of the inestimable wealth of springs, bestowed free of charge for our wellbeing. Quenching our thirst whilst listening to the sound of water eternally flowing; this is a spring’s great gift. Springs are important examples of our region’s cultural and artistic heritage and have always played an essential role in the story of our country villages. Their time-honoured presence reassures us.

Springs tell the tale of village comings and goings, of housewives drawing water with copper pails, farmers seeking relief from intense summer heat and the joyful presence of youngsters running hither and thither, giving a voice to our springs. We searched high and low, all over Ticino, looking for springs; this exclusive exhibition showcases several of them.

Each one has its own particular features which reflect the way in which people used to live in a particular time and place, for example the builders who chose the stones, wood and iron.

Over the centuries, all these springs have sung a song of beauty which is as old as the world! And even now, a chorus intones the wise proverb, “In 100 years and 100 months, water flows back to its village!” (In cent’anni e cento mesi, torna l’acqua ai suoi paesi).

The exhibition is located in the Restaurant Vetta San Salvatore.

Exhibition photographs and words by Aldo Morosoli, Cagiallo

The exhibition has been organised by the San Salvatore Funicular Society with the support of

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